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Jimmy McLoughlin, former No.10 Downing Street adviser turned podcaster, writes a notebook on the most interesting things happening on the future of jobs and work, as he attempts to become the Martin Lewis of jobs … (and there is the occasional missive on the #SaveDerbyCounty campaign)

What did Jimmy do in No.10 Downing Street?

Good question, and one that many people asked when he was in there.

He was the Prime Ministers Special Adviser (SpAd) on business and entrepreneurship, he was there for three years between 2016-2019. His role was particularly to look at the future of the economy and see how the UK could be most well placed for it and to work with entrepreneurs to improve it.

What did he do after?

He left to start a family in Autumn in 2019 and took his new family to study at Stanford University at the beginning of 2020. When the pandemic hit, his wife went back to work in the NHS, and Jimmy became a stay at home Dad …

From Downing Street to Diapers

He and his daughter in a desperate attempt to avoid endless doomscrolling listened to a lot of audio, and that is where he got the idea - the podcast Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future was born to help with the unemployment crisis coming up.

He uses this notebook to inform people about what he thinks the future of the economy looks like through the prism of jobs as well how we might work in the future.

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Former 10 Downing Street adviser, explaining the future of our economy through jobs